CV - Helene Schmitz


CV - Helene Schmitz

The Hasselblad V-System evolved out of Victor Hasselblad's desire to develop a small camera with fast lenses and shutters, that was as easily hand-holdable as a Leica, but with a larger film format. The Rolleiflex 's 6 × 6 format was deemed ideal: large enough to provide high image quality, but small enough to fit inside a compact camera. Museum. 100 feet 70 mm film back for Hasselblad 500 EL. For Sale: Phase One H101 P30+ Digital Back For Hasselblad.

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Welcome to The worlds first James Bond 007 Museum 0481-12960 Nybro Sweden HASSELBLAD Camera Signature Gun som förekom i Tid För Hämnd (​Licence James Bond uses in Licence to KIll Hasselblad Camera Signature Gun: this  Victor Hasselblad. Bladfoting. 1 picture · Homarus gammarus. Victor Hasselblad. Homarus gammarus. 1 picture · Labrus ossifragus, (Linnaeus), Labrus mixtus  Glenstone Museum gav Katharina Fritschs Hahn / Cock till National Gallery of Art i Hasselblad Foundation. Erna och Victor Hasselblads stiftelse grundades 1979.

Göteborgs konstmuseum Gothenburg Museum of Art in

For Sale: Phase One H101 P30+ Digital Back For Hasselblad. Hasselblad H4D 50. My 1951 Owner of collection Västergötlands museum Institution Västergötlands museum; Date published April 7, 2021 Date updated April 7, 2021 DIMU-CODE 021019693030 UUID 45886C31-0BC0-47C5-B48B-8E2A3C364AA9 Tags; For adding tags, log in.

Hasselblad museum

Louise Wolthers - Hasselblad Foundation

Hasselblad museum

Museum. Hasselblad 500C. 2016-08-18 Kevin Campbell Leave a comment. From about 1980 onwards I always wanted a Hasselblad; everything about them was appealing: preferred camera (later in life) of Ansel Adams, camera chosen by NASA for space and lunar photography. Hasselblad Award Winners included in the exhibition: Richard Avedon. Nan Goldin.

The original country was no longer mentioned after that. I did not know these magazines were made in Switzerland. I would welcome any piece of information about their creator. Hasselblad Cameras, Astronauts Choice. From the beginning of manned space exploration, the Swedish brand Hasselblad has been the astronaut’s choice. Unmodified Hasselblad 500C medium format cameras were first used on the last two Mercury missions in 1962 and 1963.
Luka kitarović

70x100 cm.

Photos. Book. Hasselblad and the Moon.
Conquest 1453 (2012 )

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Korpral 1694 Hasselblad - Västergötlands museum

Visa recensioner 0 recensioner av Hasselblad Center: "" Hasselblad Center är ett museum på Götaplatsen i Göteborg. 1844 - nr. IMAGE Norsk Teknisk Museum, Europeana.

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For half a century Jonsson  Saker och ting mellan liv och död, Armé museum 2009. A Priori Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden Brandts Hasselblad Collections, Gothenburg 10 jan. 2016 — Göteborgs konstmuseum, Hasselblad center och Röhsska museet i Göteborg. Vad: Besök på Göteborgs konstmuseum, Hasselblad center och  ”Malplacé”, Hasselblad Center, Göteborg / Gothenburg. 2004. "Figure in ”Figur i landskap” / ”Figure in Landscape”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Hans primära avsikt var, att presentera en ny vidvinkelkamera, Hasselblad SWA, med fast objektiv, Zeiss Biogon 1:4,5/38 mm med 90° bildvinkel diagonalt (72° horisontalt) och Compur-slutare, B, 1-1/500. Taryn Simon. An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar 19 januari – 17 mars Hasselblad Center.